The Right to Fight Back
 A Universal Right
The Right to Fight Back - The Universal Right to Defend Yourself. *Latest Update September 2, 2013

Civilians are made defenseless but the criminal is defended by law !!

 Proud member of the N.R.A.

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My EDC for a walk in the park .... what do i take for just a walk in the park ? Watch my latsest video on you tube here !

My first Knife Review on You Tube: S&W Executive Gold Gentlemen's folder

 NRA Tribute to Charlton Heston:

 The right to defend yourself, your loved ones & your property. 
The question we have to ask ourselves is; How can someone defend himself and his belongings when governments worldwide are taking away our means of self-defense, should we all become martial arts masters ? What about the young and the elderly people, those who are not strong or skilled, those who have a disability ?  Why do they take away guns and knives from the citizens, are they afraid of the power of the people ? Do they fear more violence on the streets ? Are they afraid of suicide waves ? Why is it that smart people invented the 2nd amendment to the US-constitution ? 
People should be able to defend their freedom, their property, their family. Citizens are made defenseless while criminals are protected by law ! It should be a worldwide law that the citizens should have the means to defend their homes & their lives by all means possible
 - We want a right to own and use weapons for self-defense.  - Every non-criminal citizen should have the right to bear arms.

 - US & Canadian & European citizens should have a basic right to self defense 
and should not depend on the change of the political climate.  Restrictions on self-defense are a criminal act against law-abiding citizens !


Cold Steel Spartan, the fighting knife.
 Why Mack The Knife ?
"Mack the Knife" or "The Ballad of Mack the Knife", originally "Die Moritat von Mackie Messer", is a song composed by Kurt Weill with lyrics by Bertolt Brecht for their music drama Die Dreigroschenoper, or, as it is known in English, The Threepenny Opera. It premiered in Berlin in 1928. The song has become a popular standard.
Lyrics :    "Oh the shark has pretty teeth dear, And he shows them pearly white Just a jack-knife has Macheath dear And he keeps it out of sight. Oh the shark has pretty teeth dear, And he shows them pearly white Just a jack-knife has Macheath dear And he keeps it out of sight. Oh the shark has pretty teeth dear, And he shows them pearly white Just a jack-knife has Macheath dear And he keeps it out of sight."
I studied medicine, philosophy, mathematics & cryptology, photography and psychotherapy.  I started shooting at the age of five, won my first "Indian"(native American)  knife in a shooting competition at the age of six years.  I always loved guns and knives and I did a lot of different martial arts. First I did Judo, but I soon felt it was not my thing to do, so I joined the Kyokushinkai Karate dojo , later on I did Chinese martial arts Pa Kua (Ba Gua), Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, and later on Jiu Jitsu and a bit of Kendo.  The first weapon I ever used in real life was a flashlight after a car-jacking, I knocked the attacker on the nose bridge with a MagLite, he went down and ran off (he was arrested by police). I also had the pleasure of some unwanted visitors, the first time I confronted them with my Böker Mag Camp knife and some CS2-spray, the second time I used my gun, they ran off, but it was hard not to shoot them, they even apologised, while running (really), so did I, for not shooting them. The keychain shooter from Mr Moran was of use after a confrontation with five young arabs, who were harassing some older  people in a public park. And I used a Shillellagh (irish trad. walking stick, used for self-defense)  against an agressive dog and his owner, I did not really hit the dog by the way, I love dogs and cats. I always tell people if they ever hurt one of my pets they will find a 9 mm on their path or some very Cold Steel (Spartan or Voyager XL) !!

 Latest Update on Sept. 02, 2013.